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Taree Arts Council held its very first meeting at the home of Mr Stanley Flett on July 22nd, 1949, where a
"Music Lovers Club" was formed. Office bearers were: President - Mrs John Berney, Secretary: J. Brown,
Treasurer: Tom Hughes. Committee: Mrs Flett, Miss Waddell, Mr Bulley & Mrs Gilbert.

Soon after, Mayor, Alderman Gerturde Richardson, called a meeting at the old Council Chambers (Cnr Albert & Manning Streets) to form a branch of the Arts Council of Australia. Officials came from Sydney to explain the requirements of membership and aims of the Arts Council. In August, 1949 the first meeting of the Arts Council Taree Branch was held at the home of Mr Cuth Hadden, then monthly at Taree High School. Many performances followed.

The continuing growth of Taree Arts Council led to the presentation of the "Manning Maytime Revue" held at Taree High School in May, 1960, where a variety concert with excerpts from "South Pacific", comedy sketches and song was produced by Jack Bradley in order to support the establishment of "Karingal" Senior Citizens Home.

In July, 1960, an article in the "Northern Champion" wrote that: 'This month, 1700 patrons paid a total of £600 ($1200) to see the first musical in 30 years, "New Moon" by Sigmund Romberg. It is hoped that after this effort, Taree Arts Council, which gave us this glorious presentation will have at last seen the light. Year after year the Council has tried to arouse public interest in its work - it has brought celebrities to the town in an endeavour to foster culture. Did the people want them? The answer was a half filled Taree High School Hall. Taree Arts Council was off and away!'

Soon Taree theatre goers were treated by up to four productions a year. In 1975, Taree Arts Council decided to take entertainment to the clubs. Taree Arts Council Theatre produced a number of "Music Halls" which toured from Port Macquarie to Gloucester. These proved beneficial to both TACT and the various clubs and organisations. Shows included "Blueys Bloomers", "Grandpa's Portrait", "The Soldier's Farewell", "Fearless Fanny" and others. The production by TACT of "Dimboola" was one of the many highlights, with many a night when audiences felt sure that they were really at a local bush wedding.

"Cabaret" in 1981, was a big comeback to musical entertainment which has continued ever since, getting bigger, brighter, and more lavish as time goes on. In 1988, "My Fair Lady" was the first major production to be presented in the brand new Manning Entertainment Centre.

Taree Arts Council performances measure up to, and often exceed, those of any other group in Australia.
Credit must also go to those who produce and provide the support for such productions: directors, musicians, technicians, choreographers, stage hands, prop makers, wardrobe and make-up.

For a chronological list of shows, please click on "productions".

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